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5 star Pianist

  Highest ranked ambient Professional Pianist in Pennsylvania by the nationwide online leader in entertainers info. 

Awarded the Best Wedding musician and the most recommended Event Pianist from 2008 to 2016








Voted BEST PITTSBURGH PIANIST for all events

"Claudia touches people's hearts with her beautiful,

romantic and passionate AMBIENT MUSIC"

With many years as an experienced professional pianist
in the finest venues and social gatherings.
I create the proper atmosphere and add exquisite elegance
 to weddings, receptions, lounges and events.
From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania PA to Ohio OH, West Virginia WV,
Virginia VA, Maryland MD, Washington DC, nationwide and overseas.
 2700+ songs repertory, customized for you 

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for a fast and personalized answer about YOUR event send me an email to or call me to 727-422-6628





Why I am the best:

I provide everything that any pianist can offer, but I even provide extras that you will not receive from any other pianist. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET IF YOU BOOK ME:

 - 2,700 + SONG INTERNATIONAL REPERTOIRE. I cover all the music styles that fits with the SOLO PIANO sound: Classical, Jazz, Pop, American Standards, Soundtracks (Hollywood and Broadway), Tango, music of the decades from the Twenties to Today’s hits, Christmas and Holiday, Wedding,
Country, Italian, French, Spanish, Romantic Latin, Patriotic, Irish tunes, Traditional tunes, New Age, Neo-Classical and Argentinian Folklore. I also have special thematic programs such as tributes to Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Secret Garden, Love songs, Disney songs, among others.
- SAMPLES RECORDED BY ME FOR EVERY SONG.  I will send you the full list of my repertoire with links to the samples online. Not only it will help you to find the music you want, but also will give you ideas of songs or type of music that you may not have thought of. And if one of your special songs is not in my repertoire, I will learn it for you and make it part of my repertoire!
REAL FEEDBACK / TESTIMONIALS FROM REAL CUSTOMERS. I can offer you a long list of testimonials as well as names and contact information from past customers, so you can double-check what I offer. You will discover through them more items to add to this list of what my customers get when they book me. You can check what my customers have written HERE (CLICK). They speak about my talent, experience and professionalism better than what I can tell for myself.
- TECHNOLOGY!!  I do not read the music from traditional paper sheet music. I am a “paperless musician”, one of the very few performers in the world who uses the newest technology: I carry my entire library in a state of the art tablet PC, and turn pages wirelessly with my foot (this way I will not interrupt the flow of the playing to turn pages). Just with a finger touch I can satisfy spontaneous requests during the event, in or out of the program. I do not need special light on the piano to read, and even do not need an electrical outlet.
- WRITTEN PROGRAMS LIKE A CONCERT IN A THEATRE. I prepare an elegant display with the program, and make available individual copies for those guests who want to follow my interpretations. My customers can choose the stationery from my stock, to match the colors of the event. There is no extra charge for it, it is always included in my services. 
- ALL LIVE, NO TRICKS. I play acoustic (“unplugged”, “unwired”) music, so even when I play a digital piano or keyboard, I do NOT use pre-recorded or backing tracks / chords. All what is heard is played and created by my fingers at the moment.
- COMPLETE CUSTOMIZATION OF THE PROGRAM. You choose the entire list of songs for me to perform, or I will select the program for you, following your directions and dreams.
- FULL-TIME DEDICATION. I am 100% dedicated to piano performance. When you book me I concentrate all my attention on your event. This is not a side job for me, I do not even teach music. Piano performing is my passion and what I do for a living.
- THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE WITH GUESTS / CUSTOMERS IN OTHER LANGUAGES. I am English-Spanish bilingual, and can communicate also in Italian, Portuguese and French.
- IF THERE IS NO PIANO AT THE VENUE, I have my own portable Yamaha piano and Bose speakers (both the best brands in each type), for customers who want solo piano entertainment for their events, but do not have an acoustic piano at the venue. (An additional flat fee applies for bringing my equipment).
- AVAILABILITY OF MY SCHEDULE. Since performing solo piano is my “full-time” job, I can accept commitments for any day of the week, at any time.
- NO BREAKS DURING MY PERFORMANCE. I do not need or take the “15 minute” break periods, as is typical of most of musicians and bands. I start... and do not stop. For performances up to 3 hours I will not stop unless requested. And for a 4 hour performance I may only need a 5 minute break in the middle. That is because I love what I do, have amazing endurance, and respect my audience, knowing that my customer hired me to play the piano and entertain the guests… during the entire event.
- LIVE AUDITION JUST FOR YOU. Choose a couple of songs from my repertoire and I will make a video just for you playing these songs at my grand piano, and you will be able to watch it in your computer.
- PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT. I will provide it, signed by both parties that will give my customers peace of mind about the commitment and the money invested in the sounds of their dreams. 
- PASSION FOR THE MUSIC. You will notice that when you hear me…
- ELEGANT AND SOPHISTICATED PRESENTATION. I will follow the dress-code of the event, and even match the colors of the event with my attire if you want (I have a large selection of gala dresses).
- HELP AND ADVICE, with ideas, due to my experience of many years performing in the finest venues nationwide and overseas. Also I will work with the event planner whenever possible to make sure everything will go as planned.
- PUNCTUALITY AND RELIABILITY. I have never had to cancel a commitment, and have never been late.
- EXPERTISE AND PROFESSIONALISM. I have performed in hundreds of events and so I know how to manage different situations. After being a professional in the business world (I am a CPA and a former Bank manager and University Professor of Economic Sciences), I have developed an ability to interact and socialize with people of all levels. I have been the exclusive pianist at the Pittsburgh International Airport for five years (2007-2011). I have performed at the Atrium of the One Oxford Centre in downtown Pittsburgh several times a year from 2010 to 2016.
You can rest, because I will make real the sounds of your dreams.



































Music beyond words

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